1: Apple declares iPhone 6 Plus as obsolete. Upgrade to a newer model for the latest features.

2: iPhone 6 Plus users urged to consider iPhone 8 series. Vintage list offers continued support and software updates.

3: Obsolescence of iPhone 6 Plus signals end of repairs by Apple. Take advantage of trade-in programs for newer models.

4: iPhone 8 series joins Vintage list for extended support. Maintain functionality with software updates and repairs.

5: iPhone 6 Plus users transition to iPhone 8 series for longevity. Vintage list ensures continued software support and reliability.

6: Upgrade to iPhone 8 series for enhanced performance and features. Join the Vintage list for long-term support and reliability.

7: Apple's classification puts iPhone 6 Plus in Obsolete category. Consider upgrading to iPhone 8 series for continued satisfaction.

8: iPhone 8 series designated as Vintage by Apple. Enjoy extended support and software updates for improved user experience.

9: Obsolescence of iPhone 6 Plus highlights importance of upgrades. Transition to iPhone 8 series for continued support and functionality.

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