1: "Breaking Bad: Walter White's transformation into Heisenberg is thrilling to watch."

2: "Dexter: A serial killer who only targets other killers? Dexter's moral ambiguity captivates."

3: "Game of Thrones: Cersei Lannister's fierce determination makes her a compelling antihero."

4: "Stranger Things: The Mind Flayer's sinister presence keeps us on the edge of our seats."

5: "House of Cards: Frank Underwood's Machiavellian schemes are both captivating and chilling."

6: "American Horror Story: Tate Langdon's complex character leaves us conflicted yet intrigued."

7: "The Walking Dead: Negan's charisma and brutality make him an unforgettable villain."

8: "Killing Eve: Villanelle's charm and ruthlessness make her a fan favorite antihero."

9: "You: Joe Goldberg's twisted love story leaves us questioning our own moral compass."

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