1: 1. Pomeranian: Known for their fluffy coat and playful demeanor, Pomeranians stay small and cute.

2: 2. French Bulldog: With their bat-like ears and wrinkled face, French Bulldogs are tiny and adorable.

3: 3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: This breed is characterized by their sweet eyes and silky coat.

4: 4. Shih Tzu: Shih Tzus are small dog breeds known for their long, flowing coat and friendly nature.

5: 5. Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Corgis are known for their cute appearance and big ears.

6: 6. Maltese: Maltese dogs are small and fluffy, with a playful personality.

7: 7. Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkies are known for their long, silky coat and tiny size.

8: 8. Bichon Frise: These dogs are small, white, and fluffy with a cheerful disposition.

9: Which adorable dog breed will you choose to keep as a forever puppy?

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