1: 1. Afghanistan: High risk of terrorism and political unrest. 2. Iraq: Ongoing conflict and threat of violence. 3. Yemen: Civil war and terrorist activities.

2: 4. Syria: Conflict and instability creates unsafe environment. 5. Venezuela: High crime rates and economic instability. 6. Somalia: Pirate attacks and ongoing violence.

3: 7. Libya: Political instability and ongoing conflict. 8. South Sudan: Civil war and humanitarian crisis. 9. Central African Republic: High levels of crime and violence.

4: 10. Honduras: High murder rates and crime levels. 11. El Salvador: Gang violence and crime widespread. 12. Guatemala: High levels of violent crime.

5: 13. Nigeria: Terrorism and kidnapping risk in certain regions. 14. Pakistan: Security threats and political instability. 15. Iran: Tensions with US pose potential danger.

6: 16. North Korea: Isolation and strict government control create risks. 17. Russia: Political tensions and safety concerns. 18. Democratic Republic of Congo: Conflict and violence present.

7: 19. Egypt: Political unrest and terrorist threats. 20. Mali: Terrorism and conflict in northern regions. 21. Ukraine: Political instability and tensions with Russia.

8: 22. Mexico: Drug-related violence and crime. 23. Brazil: High levels of crime and violence. 24. Philippines: Extrajudicial killings and security threats.

9: 25. India: Terrorist attacks and safety concerns. 26. Bangladesh: Political violence and security issues. 27. Saudi Arabia: Human rights concerns and political tensions.

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